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11:25pm 01/11/2004
mood: indescribable
no words could never describe this feeling! No matter how hard i try.. nothing could ever be good enough. He makes me feel like i'm the most important thing in the world, he could ever care about. If i want him here with me and i think about it hard enough.. he pops up out of nowhere, like he can read my mind. I loooove it! He knows what i'm thinking about, even before i have a chance to think. It's so crazy.. but i'm lovin' it..

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10:16pm 16/10/2004
mood: ecstatic
heeeeell yeah.. got my tongue pierced! It hurt alittle.. but i think it was because i was nervous as hell, and the guy who did it was fucking hot!! I couldn't be more happy with it though. It's already starting to swell, so that sucks.. but as least it didn't bleed or anything! :D Haha.. i already showed everyone at work.. and now i'm on my way to Phillip's.. i'm gonna spend the night so he can take care of me. alrighty.. later

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Birthday updates   
09:10pm 16/10/2004
mood: excited
Soo... can never seem to write in this thing on the day stuff actually happens, but it's all good. My birthday was good.. nice little family get together. Got a couple presents.. money.. you know all that good stuff. Seeing Phillip was even better!! :D As soon as i get off school, i went to his house and he had roses and giantic ballons all over his room.. and right when i walk in the door, him and Grey are standing there with a birthday cake for me and singing to me. That was pretty awesome! Then we went out to dinner.. it was really nice.. i want to go there again for our year. And then we went to the tower.. since i had never been before, that was fun. Came home.. relaxed alittle.. drank.. smoked.. all that fun stuff. And that pretty much summed up my birthday, spent it all with Phillip. So all my friends that don't go to school with me, or who aren't in school.. i saw today. That was really fun.. everyone gave me my presents and whatnot at work. lol

ok.. ok.. so now i'm gonna go get my tongue pierced.. g2g.. laters

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This October's gonna rock   
11:23pm 04/10/2004
mood: giddy
So yeah, this October already rocks. Bunch of badass parties, Jessica's 19th birthday was Wed.... i missed the party Sat. though.. she was pissed off about that i'm sure. Chris came by and saw me today... that was nice of him, i haven't seen him in awhile. My birthday's coming up.. i can't wait.. freakin' 18.. hell yeah. I took some of my vacation off for it so i can get my tounge pierced and maybe my tatoo's.. i'm not sure if i want to wait alittle long or not. I get my voter's card in the mail.. i'm really fucking excited about that. I love my Government class, my teachers a badass.. i had him my freshmen year. He's really said alot of things everyone else is affraid to say about our society and whatnot.. so i really respect him for that... and i'm lovin' every min of it. Mine and Phillip's year is coming up.. our fucking YEAR, i'm so excited!!! He already got my present too.. we went into this jewery store and he let me pick out any ring i wanted! It's so gorgeous! Freakin' $500 ring though. :/ But i love it! :D Hmm.. and for Thanksgiving we're all going to the coast! (ok.. we're not in October anymore) and then for Spring Break we're all going to Florida... we already have a condo and everything. It's pretty nice, John showed me pictures of it and whanot. Well ok.. i gotta go call my babydoll... later

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Being sick SUUUCKS!   
02:41pm 16/09/2004
mood: sick
Hmm... i've been sick alot lately.. well at least this whole week so far. I hate it.. i never get sick, but when i finally do.. it's fucking horrible and lasts forever!
It started about Tues., i woke up at around 4 in the moring puking... but still when to school for the big panoramic senior picture, then got my ass out of there. So Phillip took care of me the rest of the day til he had to go to work. :)
Wed., woke up with a fever and all achey and whatnot.. i could barely walk, but some how went to school. Then when i got home i had a horrible fever.. i mean crazy crazy fever. So i called into work. Phillip wanted to take me to the hospital, but i wouldn't go. So my baby went and go my advil and ice cream, and all this other stuff. It made me feel so much better.. THANK YOU SO MUCH BABYDOLL! :*
Thurs., didn't go to school today.. everytime i stand up i get really dizy. Like i almost passed out in the shower this morning getting ready for school. My fevers not as bad, i'm just really dizy.
Well i guess thats it so far.. i'll update later on.

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Just some amusement...   
07:44pm 29/08/2004
mood: relaxed
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Little updating for the night...   
11:10pm 17/08/2004
mood: ecstatic
in like 50 more mins it's gonna be mine and Phillip's 10 months... that's so crazy! Maan that's crazy, but i love it.. things have never been so perfect before, but once again.. i'm loving it. Everything about us!

Ok, ok.. view of what's been going on:

-- Phillip turned 18.. woo-hoo for my baby, he's legal now!

-- Kenneth graduated rainbow group at Highlands (for the senior's that failed and had to go to summer school to graduate). Sucks, but at least he graduated
-- So they through him a party, all the boot boys and whatnot were there.. it was fun.

-- Crystal came back.. it was great to see her again, shit i thought i would never see her again... so yeah! She left to Florida and never came back till now.

-- School started again.. tomorrow's gonna be the 3rd day. But it's badass cuz i get out at 12:12 everyday. And i love all my classes.. my Government teacher is mine from my freshman year, so that's gonna be awesome, and all my friends are in my English class. Then on B-days i just have Co-op, were Mrs. Hering said i'm just gonna be her aid since i did everything we're doing this year.. last year, and then i have Food Science and Nutrition.. which is just a blow off class. So heeeell yeaaaah!

-- My 18 birthday is coming up.. and i can't fucking wait! I'm already taking my vacation from work so i can get my tounge pierced and my tattoo's. And i'm not sure what else is going on.. i think me and Phillip might go somewhere, i'm not sure yet.

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did he just say what i think he said?!....   
02:02am 01/08/2004
mood: amused
GOVERNOR BUSH: Can you name the Foreign Minister of Mexico?

JOURNALIST: No sir, but I would say to that: I'm not running for President.

why yes he did!
Sadly enough, i saw these all from rotten.com.. most from when he was running for president!


"I wouldn't tell your kids that you smoked pot unless you want 'em to smoke pot. I think it's important for leaders, and parents, not to send mixed signals. I don't want some kid saying, 'Well, Governor Bush tried it.'"


GOVERNOR BUSH: The new Pakistani General, he's just been elected -- not elected, this guy took over office. It appears this guy is going to bring stability to the country and I think that's good news for the subcontinent.

JOURNALIST: And you can name him?

GOVERNOR BUSH: General... I can name the general.

JOURNALIST: And it's...?


JOURNALIST: And the Prime Minister of India?

GOVERNOR BUSH: The new Prime Minister of India is... [pause] No.


"I don't think I was clinically an alcoholic; I didn't have the genuine addiction. I don't know why I drank. I liked to drink, I guess."


LEHRER: Five days later, do you still feel the Justice Department did the wrong thing in reuniting Elian Gonzalez with his father?

BUSH: I do.


BUSH: Because the picture on the newspaper, it just seems so un-American to me. The picture of the guy storming the house with a scared little boy there... I talked to my little brother, Jeb -- I haven't told this to many people. But he's the governor of -- I shouldn't call him my little brother -- my brother, Jeb, the great governor of Texas...

LEHRER: Florida.

BUSH: Florida. The state of the Florida.


hahaha.. fucking dumbass

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Daaamn.. i bet Phillip would love these   
03:28pm 23/07/2004
mood: mischievous

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Tim's Tribute / Birthday show   
02:36pm 14/07/2004
mood: dirty
*Tim's Tribute show was lastnight.. it was really good. I was glad to see a bunch of people i hadn't seen since his burial. Maan.. Tim would of been 23.. it's so crazy. In his honor people were smoking palms.. me, Michelle, Irick, Steveo, and everyone else were drinking the steels.. and some other people were drinking the wine. Bunch of bands played for him.. Vanessa did his rap and a couple she made for him, that was really badass!

*I also registered to vote.. woo-hoo.. help get Bush outta here! i should get my card on my birthday.. but if not, i still have my little tag thing. So if i just take it to a voting place, they'll let me vote.

*oh yeah.. me and Phillip were talking about Tim earlier today, and i didn't realise that him and Brent were at Tim's 21st birthday party. It was at the Drink Fight Thugs house. Kenneth's band cocblock (i forgot how they used to spell it) was one of the bands playing for Tim. That would of been awesome if Kennith could of gotten everyone back together to play at the show lastnight.

ohh well.. i'm done for the day.. laters

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Fahrenheit 9/11   
01:24am 09/07/2004
mood: numb
Me and Phillip just got back from seeing it..


All the deaths of millions and millions of people all around the world because Bush said Iraq was the cause of Sept. 11! This war is bullshit.. it shouldn't even be happening.. Iraq never did one thing to us, never killed an American, or thought about hurting us. But yet Bush could never tell the people who the real threat was, because then how would he be getting paid!? And all the vacations he would miss out on by telling everyone the truth.. of course he's gonna play dumb and blame it on another country!!

Even with one family in the film, their son had written a letter weeks before he was killed in Iraq, saying how it was bullshit bombing these innocent people.. and how he hoped and prayed Bush would not be elected ever again.

It's bullshit.. and i hope Bush dies a horrible death for all the lives he's taken being president.

Maybe he can convince an older, closed-minded generation of whites and rednecks in Texas, that he's the best thing going... like he did so when he was mayor! (born and raised in Texas, so i know how it works)
But hopfully not again.. EVER...
ok.. i'm gonna stop now..
Everyone, vote AGAINST Bush this year. I know i will!

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burned like a mofo   
09:14pm 29/06/2004
mood: satisfied
Todays Bryan's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY crazy bastard.. maaan, he's 20.. that's crazy.. and he's coming down this Sunday. That's gonna be crazy too!

Warped Tour sucked ass compared to last years.. bands and everything!!
I got burned like crazy.. to hardcore for sunscreen now.. watch out! ha.. no just kinda forgot and didn't think it would be that bad. But FUCK.. it's a crazy burn like my skins falling off and shit... just kidding.. no it's just really bad.

Saw alot of people i haven't seen in a long ass time.. Dom and Raul (if that's how you spell it), drinkin' beers and whatnot. Saw my friend Andrew i miss from work.. we should be hangin' out here soon.. i need to call him back.

But aside from that.. the bands... well the only ones worth seeing that were there..
Bad Religion, The Casualties, Guttermouth, The Bouncing Souls, Flogging Molly, River City Rebels, Go Betty Go.. and that's about it!! Seriously... that was it!

Oh yeah.. everyone's throwing a show for Tim JULY 13, at Sin 13!! He would of been 23! So i'm pretty happy about that

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Mannn Jacque.. i knew it!   
07:51pm 06/06/2004
mood: amused
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11:37am 01/06/2004
mood: hot
These past 2 weeks schools been out has been crazy. Everyones been graduating.. awww, i'm so happy for everyone.. but sad.

Thurs., May 27 - (Churchill's) About 7 of my friends graduated.. some didn't from skipping so damn much. But their going to Ace next year anyways.. so it's all good. Man i'm gonna miss them the most!

Sun., May 30 - (Jefferson's) My baby Phillip, Jason and his girlfriend, and some of Phillip's friends graduated.. crazy guys.. woo-hoo

Tues., June 1 - (Highland's) Brent and Kenneth graduated. Well actually.. Brent's not walking the stage like his brother didn't.. and Kenneth was one credit short, so one of his teachers is paying his summer school class for him.

Pictures of the boys coming soon

Phillip bought me a digital camera for our 8 months, one that you can see the picture and if you don't like it you can delete it! It's pretty damn nice!
So i got pictures coming from the graduations.. as soon as i learn how to up-load them on the computer.

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Bestest boyfriend in the world!   
02:15am 22/05/2004
mood: touched
Today some robber or whatnot stole a car, and the cops were chasing him down, all past my work and near my house.

So Phillip calls my mom to tell her to lock the doors and be careful!

How awesome is he! :D

I love this boy so much! What would i honestly do without him?!

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Ain't nothin' gonna hold me down   
03:27pm 20/05/2004
mood: sleepy
whad up? tired as hell, but i thought i would update.

Just got back from the coast monday night.. maann, it was so much fun! Me and Phillip got a condo right on the beach, it was great.. i took some pictures too.

I need to post our prom pictures and now the coast picture, but i have no idea how to use this new scanner. It's gigantic!! I have no idea what all i need to plug it to.

MY LOVES GRADUATING!!! YAY! I'm sooo excited! Fridays his last day and then next weekend he graduates! woo-hoo! :D

Our 8 months is coming up, i can't wait for that! It's going by so fast.. and i'm loving every min of it! Mann.. theres so much to think about.. whoa!

alright, gonna go sleep.. laters

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How does everything get so messed up?   
11:00pm 20/04/2004
mood: shocked
Hmm... well prom was fun, and everything with that went great. Stayed only like an hour and spent the rest at the hotel room. :P

Monday i found out "Sin 13 Tim" passed away, he ODed on heroin. WHAT THE FUCK! The memorial and all that's tomorrow, so i'm going to that.

Haase got in a car accident, WHAT THE FUCK! I think it happened like last week, but i didn't hear about it till Monday. His right side is completely paralyzed now, head to toe.

Everythings so crazy, what the hell happened!!

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Little update   
02:16pm 16/04/2004
mood: ecstatic
-My poster is finally being shipped! ( lLol, after writing a vicious email... i now don't have to pay the shipping and handling, their going to Fed-Ex it to me, and i get $10 off the next thing i buy. Woo-whoo, go me! :P )

-Prom's toworrow night I'm very excited for that, going to spend all day tomorrow getting my nails and all that good stuff done.

-Have alot of makeup work to do.

-Forgot to give the guy working on our house a key, so he's been sitting outside all day. Oops!

-Still no PETA stuff But it's all good the poster made up for it.

-Have to work tonight, and close. But going to drink afterwards.

and more.. just don't want to write anymore.

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Hello, is Mr. Brent Dobbs there. . .   
02:01am 27/03/2004
mood: drunk
i miss my drums

i wish i could play them right now!

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Can't wait!   
02:10pm 11/03/2004
mood: giddy
Whoo-hoo, got my class ring today! It's pretty cute, although i gotta get my name changed in the inside. (they mispelled my last name like everyone else does, although it's not that hard at all.. Shelley)And Proms going up, i'm so so so excited!! It's like a month away, but i've already got a dress and everything. :D It's a strapless, royal blue dress, with some black leopard print in different places, and it's really tight at the top and then gets puffy at the bottom. It looks pretty, and since i have so-so hips, it's perfect for me. Because the dress starts to get puffy right where my hips are, so it looks really really good! Mann, and i'm also waiting for my stuff to come in the mail! I ordered a poster of one of my favorite pictures from Salvador Dali, and i'm waiting for the PETA stuff i signed up for. It's all these crazy animal cruelty videos and shit my friend Kristen showed me about. It's crazy stuff! Oh yeah, and i gotta get braces again on the bottom. It sucks!! ok.. i'm kinda bored now, so i'm outta herr.

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